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School Uniform

The following school uniform is prescribed for boys and girls which has to be worn compulsorily on all working days of the year except if notified to the contrary on certain occasions.

Boys : Monday to Friday :

White half - Sleeved shirt, blue short pants (Mont to VI). Blue long pants (from VII to X), blue and white striped tie, blue striped belt, black leather shoes and navy blue socks.

Girls :

Blue short skirt from Montessori to U.K.G. (Pinafore), white half-sleeved shirt, blue Binafore skirt (from I to X) blue and white striped tie, blue striped belt, black leather shoes, navy blue socks and sky blue ribbon.

Saturdays : Boys and Girls should wear full white uniform, white canvas shoes and white socks along with Tie and Belt.

Admission to Nursery Classes

Children seeking admission to Junior Nursery class i.e., L.K.G. should normally complete the age of 3 years and above on the day of admission or as on 1st June.
For admission to Senior Nursery class i.e., UKG, a child should normally complete the age of 4 years and above on the day of admission or as on 1st June.
Only limited number of seats on merit basis are available for Primary and High School. Nursery admission will be given only to those who complete admission formalities immediately. Parents are advised to contact the Principal / Headmistress or the school authorities directly for further information, well in advance.

Admissions : (General)

Admission for classes I to X are strictly governed in accordance with the rules and regulations of the Education Department, Government of Karnataka. Registration of the names of students seeking fresh admission is normally done during the month of April. A student should appear for a written test in English, Kannada and General Mathematics. Only students who pass in the entrance test will be admitted. In the case of either selected or rejected students, their registration fee already paid will not be refunded under any circumstance. Admission to all classes will close by the end of May. In the interest of pupil’s attendance, parents are advised to complete all admission formalities by the end of May.

R.T.E (Right to Education)

As per the notification made by the Supreme Court and norms of State Government of Karnataka, children are being benefited by
Right To Education from Class I.

Remedial Coaching

Students who are weak in studies are given remedial coaching by the regular teachers in the concerned subjects, after regular classes. No fee is charged for the same.


Assignments, projects, unit test, weekly test, monthly test and semester/terminal examinations are conducted in all the subjects throughout the academic year and as a feed back to the teacher to evaluate the methodology used. The unit test answer scripts and worksheet files are also sent home. Prizes for his/her excellence in curricular and co-curricular activities is also sent at regular intervals.

Competitive Examination

Students are encouraged to appear for examinations in Hindi, Sanskrit, Drawing and General Knowledge to enrich their knowledge in all fields. The necessary training is given by the school teachers by conducting workshops, seminars, group discussions and aptitude Tests.
Excellence classes are conducted for X standard by experts in each core-subject to prepare them for the public exam as well as for the N.T.S.E. and N.S.T.S.E.

Literary Activities

Time is set aside for conducting debates, speeches, essay competitions, recitations, elocution etc., Students are encouraged to take part in such activities and their performances are evaluated. These opportunities enable them to participate in Inter-class and Inter-School competitions successfully and to speak on public platforms.

Leave / Absence

Your child is not permitted to be absent from school except in the following cases :

  • A. For medical reasons - on certification by a doctor.
  • B. Serious illness/ death of a family member.
  • C. Wedding of brother/ sister.

Your request for leave for your child/ ward should be sent in writing to the Headmistress/ Principal in advance except in an emergency (use the space provided in the student’s diary for this purpose). If the child is absent for a long period without proper reason and prior permission from the Headmistress/ Principal, his / her name will be struck off from the attendance Roll.


Homework in various subjects is given everyday to inculcate the habit of daily study. Parents should sign the diaries everyday and see that the home task is completed.

Private Tuitions

Private tuitions is generally discouraged. However in exceptional cases such as prolonged sickness, late admissions, change over to a new system etc., it is arranged with permission from the Principal/Headmistress.

Guideline for Reporting to School

Students after the admission formalities is completed will be issued identification number (ID) along with the School Fee Card. This Fee Card has to be produced at the time of paying fees.

Instructions for Parents

On admission, the admission form is handed over along with Agreement Form. Get your child inoculated with TABC and obtain a Doctor’s certificate for the same. Normally fever follows inoculation and hence it should be done atleast ten days before the re-opening day of the school.
Fill up Agreement Form along with other testimonials and return the same to the office, duly signed. Books should be purchased at the earliest. They should be neatly covered and labelled.
All the articles belonging to the students (bag, tiffin box, water bottle, pencil box etc.,) should bear proper identification. Obtain the transfer certificate of your child from the previous school and get the same counter-signed by the Block Education Officer / Deputy Director of Public Instruction concerned.


As the school receives no financial aid from the Government and other sources of income are meagre, parents and well wishers of the school play a prominent role in the upkeep and general maintenance of the institution.

Tuition / van fee is payable for the 12 / 11 months of the academic year i.e., from June.

Tuition fee should be paid on or before 10th of every month. A period of 5 days is normally allowed i.e., till the 15th of every month. Payment of tuition fee or any other fee payable during an academic year should be paid by cash only. Cheques/ drafts are not acceptable except in the case of voluntary contributions or donations wherever applicable. However cheques/ drafts are accepted subject to realization favouring M/s. Nithyananda Education Society.

In respect of all Monetary transactions with regard to school fee or school building fund, relevant receipts or acknowledgements will be issued. At the time of any clarification, these should be produced by the pupils/ parents concerned.

Except the tuition fee, payable by the 10th of every month, all other prescribed fees viz., Library fee, Examination fee, Laboratory fee, Special Sports Fund (S.S.F.), Student Welfare Fund (S.W.F.), Teacher’s Welfare Fund (T.W.F.), Sports fee (S.P.), Betterment Fee (B.F.), Reading Room fee (R.R.), Audio Video Electrical fee, Cleaning Fund (C.F.), Medical fee, Miscellaneous fee, etc., whichever applicable, to be payable annually at the time of re-admission.

Parents & Teachers Meeting

Parents and teachers meeting will be held regularly after every test and semester/ terminal examination.


As the scholastic year is divided into two terms the first semester examination will normally be conducted in mid-September followed by mid-term holidays. The second semester will be conducted in March followed by the summer vacation. Promotion of pupils absenting themselves from appearing for any of the semester examination due to any reason on their part will be affected adversely. No re-examination will be conducted for such pupils. The matter will be viewed very seriously and the pupil’s name will be struck off from the attendance roll for the succeeding academic year if sufficient proof and reason is not produced.

Results & Feed Backs

The result of the ‘monthly tests’ and ‘periodical examinations’ conducted during an academic year will be informed to the pupils/ parents through their child’s progress report which will be issued at regular intervals.
If it is found that a pupil is detained in the same class for more than two years consecutively, parents concerned are asked to apply for the T.C. of the student concerned and withdraw their child from the institution failing which the Principal’s discretion in the matter shall be final.

Transport Facilities

Buses and vans are available to transport students safely on time from various locations. Parents who wish to avail this facility may register their child’s name before the re-opening of school.

There is a fleet of 6 school Buses to transport children from their houses to the school and back home safely in time. The Bus can run efficiently only with the co-operation of all parents. We request the parents to co-operate with the Management to maintain a high standard of service to the children.

On the request of many parents the Bus facility is provided to the following areas :

Sl. No Area Sl. No Area
1 Basaveshwaranagar Circle 28 Mallatahalli
2 Raheja Park 28 Chitra Restaurant
3 Dasarahalli Main Road 30 Kamakshipalya
4 Dasarahalli Inside 31 Beggar Colony
5 Tolgate 32 Sumanahalli
6 Cholarapalya 33 Kottigepalya
7 III Block Basaveshwaranagar 34 Chowdeshwari Nagar ( Ring Road )
8 IV Block Basasveshwaranagar/td> 35 Laggere
9 B.E.M.L. Layout 36 Malagala
10 Kamalanagar 37 Annapurneshwarinagar
11 Old Sub Register (Manjunath Nagar) 38 Sriganda Main Road
12 Shankaramatt 39 Sunkadakatte
13 Kurabarahalli 40 Vishwaneedam Post
14 J. C. Nagar 41 Anjananagar
15 Manjunathanagar 42 Byadarahalli
16 Shivanahalli ( Shivanagar ) 43 Andrahalli
17 6th Block Rajajinagar A 44 Herohalli
18 Rajajinagar R.T.O. 45 Gollaratti
19 Subramanyanagar 46 Vidyamanyanagar
20 Navarang Theatre 47 Hegganahalli
21 Prakashnagar 48 Near Mohan Theatre
22 Vijayanagar 49 N.P.K. Colony
23 G.K.W. Layout 50 B.E.L. Layout
24 Moodalapalya 51 Mahadeshwaranagar
25 Kalyanagar 52 Peenya II Stage
26 Pattegarapalya    
27 Nagarabhavi    

Games & Sports

Games and sports play a vital role in the physical and mental development of a student. Therefore, physical activities are compulsory for all school children with exceptions if any, under approval of the Principal/ H.M. or under a doctor’s confirmation.


All children are covered with health insurance at the time of admission. Parents are requested to contact office and avail this facility in case your ward has been either injured or hospitalized other than school hours.


The school's library is well stocked with the latest editions of books, relevant study materials and story books. A quiet atmosphere is provided for reading.


The school has uninterruptible power supply facility for all the classrooms that ensures comfort for the children.

Scouts & Guides

The school has an excellent and disciplined Scouts and Guides wing comprising of students from V to IX. Regular classes and camps are arranged. Students are encouraged to actively participate in social awareness programmes.


The School is Equipped with public alarm system and closed circuit television to monitor the day-to-day activities of the students.


Fully equipped Multimedia classes have been introduced from the Academic year 2012-13. It aims at making education more easy, attractive and leaves an everlasting impression on the child's mind.

Computer Lab

Computer lab is equipped with computers enabling each child to completely utilize the system for himself / herself and Individual attention is given towards the progress of each child.

Science Laboratory

Fully equipped science laboratory is available to impart practical training to the students.


The relevant ‘Transfer Certificate’ will be issued by the school authorities normally within 3 days from the date of receipt of the application form for withdrawal of the pupil after all fee dues are cleared.

Use the School Telephone

Students are permitted to use the school telephone only in case of emergency. Parents are advised not to telephone their child unless it is important. As students will be scattered in and around the campus, locating a student and calling him/her to the telephone to receive a call takes a long time. If any message is to be conveyed, the parent should convey the same to the school office.

An Appeal to Parents

Parents are requested to encourage students to take part in Literary Activities, Educational Tours, Health Services, Competitions and in all other Academic Activities arranged from time to time.
Parents and well wishers of the school are requested to co-operate with the school authorities in all matters pertaining to the school and children studying in the school. The school can run efficiently only if they co-operate with the Management to maintain a high standard of Education.